Iain Dempster Images


I have been interested in photography for an number of years. Initially through being involved in The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. In those days it meant developing black and white photographs and slides in a Dark Room.
How things have changed?
On leaving school I continued my love of taking photos whilst serving in the Royal Navy. On several occasions carrying out the duties of ships photographer. I was fortunate enough to visit and photograph many beautiful places around the world, and the odd Russian spy trawler lingering suspiciously off the west coast of Scotland.
On leaving the Royal Navy I joined the police and received further training as an Evidence Gatherer taking photographs and using video.
By this time, Digital Cameras were evolving,Dark Rooms were replaced by the computer and photographic software.
Friends and colleagues then started to ask if I would photograph their important family occasions. Weddings, Engagements,Christenings and the odd family pet.
I am fairly laid back and always try to put my clients at ease, I enjoy doing what I do as a hobby, but like to think I provide a professional service.